Intimate Lighting CreamWhiterderm has spent long periods of research, testing, and development in order to come up with products that are of excellent quality and one that truly works. This is only one of the several reasons why as early as 2011, we were able to compete with all other reputable skin lightening brands in the market.

We understand the desire to have smooth and even skin tone in the most intimate areas of your body. This is why we have developed a lightening cream for these areas. We made sure that our Intimate Area Lightening Cream would be suitable for sensitive skin by ruling out harmful ingredients such as mercury, parabens, hydroquinone, and even perfumes that can cause skin irritation. Our lightening cream is made of ingredients that are gentle yet effective, no irritation, and you get amazing results .

With Whiterderm Intimate Area Lightening Cream, no more odd skin discoloration around your anus, vagina, nipples, and areola (the colored area surrounding the nipples).

Lastly, do not worry because Whiterderm works for all skin types.

Why is Whiterderm's Intimate Area Lightening Cream?

  • It evens out skin tone in intimate areas!
  • Used for anal bleaching!
  • Used for vaginal bleaching!
  • Even safe to use on breasts-- the nipples and areola areas!
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals like hydroquinone and parabens!
  • Mild for sensitive skin!
  • No perfume!
  • You get a 45-Day Guarantee upon purchasing
  • We ship internationally!
  • We discreetly package the products!

Directions for Use:

Whiterderm's Intimate Area Lightening Cream is easy to use and hassle free. Just wipe the area to be applied on dry and clean. Rub cream externally onto intimate area until it is fully absorbed. For best results, use twice daily in the morning and then at night before bed to achieve maximum results. Use sunblock if the area with Whiterderm is going to be exposed to the sun, preferably SPF of 30+. You can stop use upon satisfaction of skin tone or until desired tone is reached.


Do not use if pregnant. Do not used if breastfeeding. Do not apply on irritated skin.


Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight, humidity, and heat in order to preserve potency.